Monday, January 12, 2009


Homegrown is based in Holland and are all about creating home away from home experiences in the Netherlands for expat Australians & New Zealanders and inspiring Europeans with the fresh and unique sounds from Oceania.

I received a reminder about the Don McGlashan gig , on Friday 23rd January. You can read more about it by clicking on the link.

We also have a real ‘home away from home’ treat in store for Waitangi Day (New Zealand day), Fri Feb 6, with 2 NZ bands, hosted by legendary All Black Zinzan Brooke!

Other dates for the agenda

Fri 03/04 - Elemeno P
Fri 27/03 - Eskimo Joe
Sat 25/04 (Anzac Day) - Kora

From May...Shapeshifter, Salmonella Dub, Ladi 6, Katchafire, Fat Freddys Drop, the Bats, Nesian Mystik.

For more info on all of the above visit: Homegrown .


Giovanni said...

You dine with Helen, you go to McGlashan concerts... Remind me exactly why I should even bother to keep living in New Zealand?

Inge said...

This is quite an impressive line-up of bands. Good to know that this project exists in case Vaughan and I ever want to move back to Belgium :-).

Di Mackey said...

Because the air and Nature are so good in New Zealand, Giovanni. I struggle with why you left Italy :) so don't ask me. And I'm still trying to work out how to move Gert there. He's a stubborn man ... I guess his good job could be another part of the explanation.

I don't know if I'll get to the concert but it would be lovely. Last time they mentioned pies and sadly, it's something I have to confess to missing over here.

Kay said...

Well you certainly do know how to transplant a taste of kiwi! Happy New Year Di.

Di Mackey said...

Indeed Inge, there's a NZers group here too but I've been neglectful in my busy-ness. I should make sure I have the link to the blog back on my site ... gah.

I was glad they found us over at the kiwi blog, Kay. I hope I can start attending some of this kiwi deliciousness :) Happy new year to you too, Kay xo

Giovanni said...

I struggle with why you left Italy :)

It is quite possible that a woman might have been involved... beyond that, separation is hard and leaving after each visit is harder, but honestly, we'd come back if we had to or circumstances dictated it, but we'd also find it mighty hard to settle back into that kind of life. Italy is a complicated place.

Perhaps a small town. We fantasize about that sometimes. But we have an alarming number of children and let's face it, they're happy where they are.

Di Mackey said...

A woman, a kiwi woman at that ... :) and in my case, a Belgian bloke. I understand completley, Giovanni.

Anyway, it's only that I'm besotted by Italy, despite the terrible complications. I loved life in Genova and even if I remained on the outside looking in, harassed by all the rules of foreign residency and working there, watching Berlusconi return again and again again, despairing over television while in raptures over the cinema, wondering if the politics there will ever come right, and everything else that I can't possibly know about or understand well ... the photographic possibilities there would probably sustain me.

Ideally, I only need adopted by some older person full of stories to tell, who can teach me how to cook and drink wine.

My daughter asked me why I was laughing ... it was over your 'But we have an alarming number of children'. One of the Genovese families I photographed have vowed to be different places on a particular date to avoid the children thing ... they keep getting pregnant at the same time. It's hilarious for anyone else.