Saturday, January 31, 2009

Indolence is a virtue. It comes from two Latin words, which mean freedom from anxiety or grief. And that is a wholesome state of mind. There are times and seasons when it is even a pious and blessed state of mind. Not to be in a hurry; not to be ambitious or jealous or resentful; not to feel envious of anybody; not to fret about to-day nor worry about to-morrow,--that is the way we ought all to feel at some time in our lives; and that is the kind of indolence in which our brook faithfully encouraged us.
Exract from Fisherman's Luck by Henry Van Dyke, 1912.

I found this quote and a beautiful post over on Ornamental, the lovely blog belonging to Nina.


Barbara said...

I checked out "ornamental" ... ornamental, ornamental ... there's a poem in there somewhere ... anyway ... Awesome blog, and thank you for introducing it to me:)

Di Mackey said...

I'm so glad you liked her blog. If you make a poem, please share :)

I adore that blog, it's like visiting some place beautiful and calm. xo