Monday, January 12, 2009

Checking on Jessie's Childhood

When Jessie was growing up ... I sang her various songs, always.

I sang her to sleep, I sang to her when she was sick .

I should confess at this point that I don't sing well and that she has never heard these songs sung properly and so, as I ran through the selection on youtube, and little Ms 4 decided to make up her own words, upping the tempo and singing along in a kind of punk rock variation that disturbed both Jessie and I.

Jessie said, 'I shouldn't have listened to Pantera when I was pregnant.

Who could have imagined ...

Meanwhile Miss Four insists that this is her favourite but we've been audience to her bogeying on down to this and we're quite proud of that actually.


Manictastic said...

Miss Four has exquisite taste :P

Di Mackey said...

Oh, she does :)