Sunday, January 04, 2009

She wants to go to a planet away from the earth
Where the paths are crowded with people running to their rooms
And where the beds in the morning are chaos
And the pillows wake up crumpled,
Their cotton stuffing dipping in the middle.
She wants washing lines full and much, much rice to cook for lunch
And a large, large kettle boiling on a fire in the afternoon
And the table for everyone in the evening, its tablecloth dripping with sesame of chatter.
She wants the smell of garlic at noon to gather the absent ones
And is surprised that the mother's stew is weaker than the power of governments and that her pastry in the evening
Dries on a sheet untouched by any hand.
Can the earth contain
The cruelty of a mother making her coffee alone
On a Diaspora morning?
She wants to go to a planet away from the earth
Where all directions lead to the harbour of the bosom,
The gulf of two arms
That receive and know no farewells.
She wants airplanes to come back only.
Airports to be for those returning,
The planes to land and never leave again.

Mourid Barghouti, a poem for his mother from his book 'I Saw Ramallah'


paris parfait said...

If only this were possible. The Palestinians have suffered for 60 years or more. Sadly, there's no sign this will change anytime soon. I've been writing about their stories since 1979 and learn more every day, although not much changes - certainly not under the inept Bush administration.

Carolien said...

That is beautiful.. and so very, very sad.

Di Mackey said...

Oh Tara ... I can't find the words so I'll just leave it.

It is, isn't it Carolien. All of her children are gone, either elsewhere or dead.

Barbara said...

The facts and stories have been so stunning and heart-rending, but this poem gave me, of all things, hope - hope that ... oh, man ... hope that people believe this is NOT the way to be a human, not the way to be a citizen of the world. Thank you for sharing this.