Friday, November 30, 2007

My CafePress Store is open and you're more than welcome to call by.

If there are photographs you have viewed on my blog and you are interested in purchasing them, or I haven't turned a photograph into a product you would really like to buy, then write to me at and I'll add them to the store.

I hope you enjoy your visit and thanks to the man who inspired all the artists he knows. You can view more art works over at Neil's First Ever Blogger Holiday Online Arts and Crafts Fair.

Kindest regards


Manic said...

I hope you sell lots of stuff.

Claudia said...

* hugs you * SELL your ass off. (That's an ancient good luck mantra *wink*).

Di Mackey said...

Bedankt, Meneer Manic, you are kind.

Thanks for the ancient good luck mantra - I sense it may be helpful.

Linda Woods said...

Your photos are beautiful! I love all the rich colors.

Di Mackey said...

Thanks for the smile on this grey cold day here in Belgium :)

Peter - said...

Di, you've often showed me parts of Antwerp (like the migrant community) that I knew existed, but you made it all very real, capturing my hometown in all its beauty.

I could use your advice on the choice of a new camera, as my point-and-shoot died on me and cellphone shots do have severe limitations in low light.

You know Di, I've often wondered how you manage, carrying around a large SRL camera while wandering. I used to own (a non-digital) large SLR, but I never had it with me when that truly great photo opportunity came along. [You know, the 'Look, there's Paris Hilton! Oh well, I forgot my SLR' experience]

Lots of success with your CafePress Store!
It's the perfect time of year for selling your more than impressive portfolio.


over at

(Google, the owner of Blogger seems to have removed the ability to link directly to non-Google blogs when commenting)

V-Grrrl said...

I'm having some trouble with the site--some pages won't load and some images won't enlarge when you click on them.

Would love to get magnets of Sunflowers, Green Window Blue Bicycle, Wire and Curiosity, and the Spanish Pigeons.

Di Mackey said...

Peter, maybe we could meet one day soon in the city, I'll bring the Canon EOS 350D body for you to try ... we can wander some and you can see how heavy it is.

I love your photography, would be fun to see more and from an EOS.

For the city stuff, I usually make a one lens choice and carry the camera in my shoulder bag.

Let me know if it suits and when :)

V-grrrl, thanks. The CafePress has been a testing experience. The sunflower link was extremely odd and I've deleted it and will start again ...

Thanks for letting me know.

Claudia at said...

* throws arms around you * GAH! THANK YOU Di., for coming by, for being nice, for the wine. Is it AWFUL that it's barely noon and I'm SO ready to start drinking? I have visions of P. coming home to a stumbling, stupid drunk wife and him pushing my hair from my face as I sob/vomit in the commode, bemoaning my life and my self pity. I'm SO done. DONE!

Now, why in the world did you break your mirror, pretty lady? Tsk. Here, you can share my wine. Good thing you live THERE and I live HERE, or we'd become the lush photographers of Belgium. Think V. and Peter would hold our hair back? Or would they consider it a photo op? ;)

Adore ya, you kute kiwi you....

Di Mackey said...

Lol, hi Claudia. Well how could I be anything but nice when I knew th day you were having.

Ahhh, the mirror, a long story. As for lush photographers ... do you know, any event photography I've done here involves lots of alcohol for the media. I was bemused and delighted and veryvery cautious.

Last media lunch I did, they started with a drink that most media people didn't finish because it packed such a PUNCH. On asking, I was told it was gin and a whole lot of other stuff. We were terrified of finishing it before the big evening gig.

That evening, sending stories and photographs out around the world, the media once again had copious amounts of free wine pressed upon them.

I do love that life hehehehehe.

And yes, V and Peter would surely hold our hair back, although surely they would join us?

Peter - said...

Count me in. Especially the "gin" part made me jump out of my lazy chair :-)

Thanks for the Canon 350 try-out offer: I was at the new megastore opening near Ikea Antwerp this week (Belgium's largest electronics store) and played around with several Canons.

I might opt for a smaller 'bridge type' camera (price, size), as I'm not a pro - nobody will ever ask me 'can I get that shot in RAW format'

I actually made some of my most impressive shots (be it in low resolution) with a very basic 2 mega pixel cellphone camera, you know, the unexpected "there's Paris Hilton' and shoot within 5 seconds experience :-)

But I would love to have a coffee when you're in town (provided I'm not at the hospital with my neighbour)
Any place near the Cathedral or city hall will do just fine.

ren.kat said...

I love the store, Di! As things calm down, I'm going to scroll back through your blog to find the photos that rocked me.

Gee- sounds like I missed out on a night of wine-drinking and hair-holding. . .

Jon said...

What a totally awesome looking cafepress you have there >_>

Di Mackey said...

Had to smile over your comment about missing a night of red wine and hair-holding. I don't think I've done that since Pippa made me drink too much read wine ...

Yesterday however, it could have improved my day a little.

Jonnnnnnnnnnn, I'm sorry. You have now officially been thanked for your patient work on the store