Friday, November 23, 2007

Red Poppy and Pablo Neruda: The Poet’s Calling

Are you interested in assisting the people over at Red Poppy in the making of a movie about Pablo Neruda?

They write: Red Poppy is creating a vivid documentary, Pablo Neruda: The Poet’s Calling. The dynamic film features rare archival footage; incredible shots of hs native land, captivating artistic poetic sequences, often with Neruda’s own voice, and compelling interviews with intimate friends and notable poets like Lawrence Ferlinghetti.

This first ever English-language feature-length documentary will introduce so many to one of Latin America’s most colorful characters, and to the power of Pablo Neruda’s poetry. There will also be a version in Spanish, and we are hoping for global distribution, on screens in theaters, homes, schools, libraries, and cultural centers around the world.

We need your support to help complete this grassroots, not-for-profit film.

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