Monday, November 26, 2007

A Monday dedicated to ...

Projects are never simply over ... I'm learning that cleaning up orders and requests can go on over months, and so it is that today is dedicated to going through my email inbox and hunting down those requests for that photograph for this person or that.

Free stuff ... but it's nice to do free stuff when I can.

I had this system, she writes, trailing off...
Sometimes I would mark my emails as unread, so they'd stand out as work or people to get back to when I had time.

Time has become a little scarce in those days since that wedding back in September and today I've written more than a few emails that begin with 'Sorry I've taken so long to get back to you but ... '

I guess, if I had to hunt out a bright side, it would surely be revisiting old work and finding things overlooked or forgotten.

Tot straks.


Manictastic said...

Have fun!

Peter said...

Well, I guess many people mix up email with instant messaging. Most of us have a life away from our pc screens, filled with countless activities that 'consume time'.

I've once had a friend who got anoyed if he didn't get an email reply within a couple of hours.
I gave him my phone number :-)

Enjoy working through that backlog !

Di Mackey said...

Bedankt Manic and Peter :)

I've mixed the work up with loading music onto my mp3 player,housework and listening to Kim Hill interviews on NZ's National radio ... horrible weather today, sigh.