Sunday, November 25, 2007

Castel Sant' Angelo, Roma II

Castel Sant' Angelo, Roma II, originally uploaded by - di.

And then I played with 'rough pastel' in CS2, and thought it the perfect medium for the photographs I took in my beloved Castel Sant' Angelo in Rome.


Claudia said...

Gorgeous. LOVE the medium. I survived, by the way. Barely. I've spent most of the day in bed with my lap top, resting my legs, playing with thousands of photos, answering and fielding calls: when will the photos be available, can you work another wedding in January?, you did a GREAT job, people loved your smile, thank you for doing this, way to go...I feel good. Accomplished. As a gift of thanks the bride and groom selected some of their favorite photos of mine from over the past two years and had them framed and displayed at the rehearsal dinner. I felt...unworthy, and yet, so warm and fuzzy.

A few minor glitches. Some red eye. Some harsh mid-day lighting, etc...but all in all, in the thousand or so photos taken, a worthy and elegant album will be produced. I've been broken in....and man oh man, I'm wiped out. :)

Thank you for all your encouragement. It was SO appreciated and needed. I look up to you. Your blog inspires me to be more cautious and still be able to think outside of the box.

You rock.

Di Mackey said...

Hey, it was so good to read all went well, so well but of course!!

I loved that they displayed your photographs. Advertising that way is so much more effective.

A few minor glitches ... you do know everyone has them, don't you. CS2 actually fixes red eye quite simply most of the time just btw.

It's like giving birth, isn't it. I always feel like empty creature as soon as most jobs are over, on a high for as long as the gig is on, then empty.

Ummm thank you for your compliment. It kind of stunned me that you didn't know how good your photography was, so I'm glad you're off and flying now :)

Lol, you rock, and looking forward to seeing some of how you did.

Rest well.

Tina said...

Thank you for this photograph of Castel Sant' Angelo, it gave me goosebumps.

I don't know how to talk about photography I'm able to at least express that I like yours. :-)

Thank you for the comment on my blog, it led me here and now I have something nice to read as I while away this chilly Saturday. :-)

Di Mackey said...

Hi Tina, lovely to find you here and I'm glad you liked the photograph.

Roma is one more place I'm waiting to return to with my camera. I adore that city.

Stay warm :)