Thursday, November 15, 2007

Just over a thousand words of interview ...

It's been an odd day, working at transcribing then writing up the interview ... focused in ways that I haven't been in a long time.

I think I like the end result, although it needs a final paragraph.
And I think I can repeat this exercise at will ... hope so, since I have more than a few interviews to work my way through in the weeks ahead.

Tonight it's Tex-Mex and this new cake that V wants to try.

Tonight I should do some more work before sleeping, creating a habit to take back home with me when I go.

They're talking snow at the weekend ...


Anonymous said...

Maybe the snow could spread a calm and peacefull blanket ... enjoy your V-days and remember ... it's all about the light ... isn't it? Try to look at things in the right light, and the result will be amazing, just like the shots you take! See you! Lut

Anonymous said...

And you'll have to learn a few more words ... Van Dale (Flemish most famous dictionary) has enlarged it's vocabulary with: (in 't nederlands) WILFEN, meaning surfing on the internet without knowing what I was looking for (WILF), het "BEMOEIENISBANKJE3 meaning the little banch in front of the house where people sit talking about the things they see, and so on ... learn nederlands as fast as you can for they are inventing words every day! See you! Lut

Di Mackey said...

Mmmm, Gert said I hadn't integrated because a Belgian would just do the orientation course quietly without a fuss or noise.

I told him of course I hadn't, my ancestors moved to NZ 6 generations before me because they couldn't shut up and continue to go to church everyday on the Isle of Lewis.

It's in my genes ;)

I liked the 'wilfen' - I had a friend called Wilf and he would have loved this.

Lol, I learn nederlands but when I speak it nobody understands me :)

Claudia said...

Am I the only one that has a hankering to 'see' this attic Shangri-La of yours? And you and V. living under the same roof sounds, almost...Thelma and Louise'ish.

Hmmmm....I ~ really ~ think a road trip is in order for you two...Say a castle in the Ardennes? (Can you tell I am trying to vicariously re-live Belgium through you guys?)

Please, please, please have a Chimay Rouge (or four) for me??

I am sipping wine right now and stalking you and V.'s blogs whilst you eat cake. ;)

Di Mackey said...

Okay, if any of the neighbours call the fire brigade because they just saw my camera flash going off well ... I guess it will be my own stupid fault.

'Attic Shangri-La' photographed and I'll download and load here soon. Making it heavenly was the finding of a wifi connection hook-up from someplace nearby ... yay me!

It has been a bit Thelma and Louise, although today went far too fast and we worked most of it. The chocolate cake was grand.

As for the roadtrip ... we're thinking of heading to Amsterdam in December. If it happens, we'll surely blog for you.

Chimay Rouge, I shall try for and photograph over the weekend ... hmmm, hope I remember. Nag if you see no sign of a post on it.

Red wine ... yum.

Claudia said...

* tries not to fidget in anticipation *

Thank youuuuuuuuuuuuu Di!

V-Grrrl said...

If I do say so, my attic is lovely, with hardwood floors and knotty pine paneling across the ceiling and eaves. It has big skylight like windows that provide quite a view. You can see the Atomium in the distance...

Di Mackey said...

Indeed it is, quite the lovely room ... I loved it muchly :)

Peter said...

An attic with a view of the Atomium: it sounds superb V. This place came with an Antwerp cathedral view, but I would have preferred an additional remote to switch off the cathedral carillon. Last Christmas it kept an playing what sounded like Jingle Bells. Very loud, very intrusive, very repetitive.

Di, I'm no longer sure (being a native) if I'm really "integrated": doing that orientation course quietly without a fuss or noise: maybe I'm too much of a rebel (without a cause ;-)

Di Mackey said...

It is Peter, and stupidly I forgot to take a photograph in that direction.

I envy you your location ... even with the cathedral carillon. It's so pretty in the city centre.

Ahhh I'll let you know how it goes then Peter. I'm not finished with it all yet ... you unintegrated Belgian you! xo