Sunday, December 02, 2007

Ufff ... Mark told me not to watch this if there was a chance I'd feel homesick.

It's 2.37am and I couldn't resist something from home, writes the sad kiwi who should have listened to Mark.

Thanks Mark.


Mark J said...

I feel bad about this now - Sometimes you need to know that NZ still exists, and that it's still here for you. I just wanted to send you some new Kiwiana - not to make you sad.

Di Mackey said...

No, it's okay, I loved it ... it is very Kiwi, isn't it.

The house, the fencing, the clothes and landscape. It was delicious. Hopefully I'll get home 2008, just have to earn earn and earn some more.

Claudia said...

Just watched The Fastest Indian w/Anthony Hopkins. Thought of you. Watch it. I promise it won't make you sad. * hugs *

christina said...

*pats you on the shoulder* There, there. Being sad is OK sometimes too. It makes being happy that much more wonderful. :-)

Di Mackey said...

Man, I still haven't watched that movie, Claudia. We nearly did. Okay, I will.

So wise Christina :)

Antipodeesse said...

Damnit, I couldn't resist and am sobbing like a baby now!

It's lovely though. I recognise the young male actor, but can't think of his name.

Di Mackey said...

Hi Antipodeesse, I watched it twice just because I was sure I wouldn't do tears the second time ... but it got me again.

He seemed like 'home' but I didn't recognise him. Sigh.

Manictastic said...

It looks lovely, yet so desolate and empty. I'm used to having obnoxious little buildings blocking the panorama -and the accompanying ranting about them blocking my view- I wonder if I could hold out in such unspoiledness.

I hope you can return home soon to stock up on some Vegemite :) and lam. Oh and to annoy Mark :P And yell Otage real loud in an appropiate place :D

Di Mackey said...

Nooooooooooo Manic, that's only one kind of NZ landscape. We have so many, you'll be stunned when you get there.

But yes, those obnoxious buildings ... The unspoiltness is fine, there's plenty to do in NZ.

I still have two massive jars of Vegemite from all the guests we had back in September/October. Hopefully I'll get home about when I need to get more.

Mark's an Otago boy really ... you can move the boy to Auckland but you'll never take the Otago out of him.

Mark J said...

So true. Otago lad at heart.
But the funny thing about Auckland - no one admits to coming from here.

Di Mackey said...

I guess I can understand that from the Aucklanders ;)