Thursday, November 29, 2007

On neediness ...

It's been one of those day where I just wanted email ...

Newsy email, intelligent email; email to take my mind off the task in front of me.
Well yes, I did get some but I think I may have wanted a lot.

Actually a long newsy email from Shannon would have been perfect ;)

I have become accustomed to interesting photography gigs and these 'other' days spent sorting and organising work are just that much less interesting.

That's not to say it was even a dull day really.
We caught the tram to the city, picked up what we needed there, cruised out to District huis only to learn that we have to go back on 2nd December ... 'the' day the paperwork actually runs out.

And our day out in Amsterdam??? we asked.
No worries, we'll give you some papers that will explain your existence.

Jessie and I found this quirky little cafe out by the tram stop and sat down to vegetable soup and crusty pieces of white bread, served by an African woman while a lovely elderly Belgian woman chatted with us.

A map was pulled out, New Zealand was located.
I apologised for my Dutch, they encouraged me, saying I was doing just fine.

So now it's back to the salt mines.
200 photographs to turn and check, with or without an inbox overflowing with email.


Manictastic said...

Di, being a photographer does not only included taking pictures. Another, and maybe a more crucial task is to make the ugly pictures disappear, or photoshopped up to decent quality. Just put on some nice music, fill a glass with the beverage you feel most attracted to at the moment and start flicking through all the pictures, remembering the fun you had. I know you can do it, even without our encouragement. :)

Di Mackey said...

Meneer Manic ... I know, and I took your wise advice to heart before you even gave it, and poured a favourite beverage and got to work.

I'm almost done.

Best news of all. Tomorrow is payday and I have 3 cds full of photographs addressed and ready to send. Expect something some time next week :)

Yayyyyyyyyyyyy me.

P.S. Freelancing is crap, they take huge amounts of time to pay. Sorry about the delays with regard to said cd.

Mark J said...

Sigh - no mention of our hour long chat on Skype - or your horrid lack of momentum on the whole Dead like Me thing...
Talk about a distinct lack of balance in the reporting Di :-)

I promise I will try harder next time! :)

Di Mackey said...

Indeed there is a distinct lack of balanced reporting ... this is in fact, life through the lens of Di.

Mark J said...

Actually - my "through the lens of Di" life could be better than the real deal.. Keep up the good work :)

V-Grrrl said...

Trying desperately to lead a more interesting life so I'll have exciting news to report....