Tuesday, November 20, 2007


I've been missing Istanbul lately and found this youtube a lovely ex-colleague of mine had posted ...

Thanks Evren, although you've left me more than a little bit homesick for Istanbul tonight.


Claudia said...

OOooh - I want to go! Who sings the song, btw, very lovely beat!!! It must be SO beautiful there!!

Di Mackey said...

Everyone should visit Turkey at least once in their life ... it's stunning.

I don't know who the singer is, I searched a little but so far that info has escaped me.

Living there ... the following post will give you a small taste of what it was like for me to live in Istanbul http://womanwandering.blogspot.com/2006/01/if-i-had-been-in-istanbul-today.html

Peter said...

After 8 (yes..., 5* package flights to Turkey were as low as 400 euro a week the past few years) holidays in Turkey I'm still in love with this country.

Mind you, the white rocks at Pamukale have eroded and are no longer "bright white", Ephesus can be one long parade of tourists but the coast, oh my, the Turkish coast is absolutely superb.

Still to discover: Istanbul :-)