Saturday, November 24, 2007

Joshua Kadison, musician

I've been youtube-wandering, unable to sleep despite the fact that it's already 2.44am ... Looking up old favourites and I found Joshua.
His muse was apparently Sarah Jessica Parker ... or so wikipedia says.


Mark J said...

This is cruel and unusual punishment.
I'm off to Amnesty International to complain about your special brand of torture Di :)
Whats next? Michael Bolton?
David Hasslehoff?

Hope your weekend is going well. Talk soon!

Respectfully ask how your DLM dvd watching is going??

[no need to publish obviously]

Di Mackey said...

Hehehehehe ...

Just Joshua, I'm allowed my girl crushes but hey, I like his sound.

DLM is coming along but to sit still and watch more than one at a time is a problem. Getting there ... langzaam.

Peter said...

Oh my, you did touch a raw nerve here Di :-)

Apart from the fact that Joshua Kadison is gay,

["I had a long relationship come to an end about two years ago (quick update--- this letter's been up less than a week and I've already gotten four emails wondering if it was with a guy or girl... never thought it mattered and I still don't... but for those who think it does matter, he is a guy and a really great guy, too... I thought ya'll knew...anyway]

"Jessie" remains the ultimate song for all the brokenhearted.

I was one of them too, when my previous partner disappeared in the 90's, leaving me wondering how to survive the loss of my lover, home, friends and event my dog. I did survive, somehow, but don't ask me how.

It sure was my 'cry me a river' period, and really, "Jessie" was that ultimate song for all of those who lost what was most precious to them.

Along with "picture postcards from LA" 'Jessy' is still on my mp3 player, reminding me of a previous life.

Thanks for posting.

Di Mackey said...

A pleasure, Peter :)

V-Grrrl said...

Damn, just when I was thinking that Sarah Jessica Parker so did not deserve a hottie like Joshua Kadison, Peter tells me I'll never have him either. WAH! WAH! Now I can't entertain fantasies about the trailer by the sea.

And hey mark j, Michael Bolton's not ALL bad. Loved that song Soul Provider.

Di Mackey said...

I'm sorry V ...

Had to laugh, I used to listen to Michael Bolton back home in NZ during a certain phase in my life. Sitting on a Dock in Bay, or whatever it was called ... I loved it.

Mark J said...

Just goes to show - hard rock music isnt the only genre to rot the brain. :)

Actually had to endure Michael Bolton on a 4 hour car trip to Christchurch once. The driver, very much in love at the time, hangs his head in shame at the memory today - although he did marry the girl!


Di Mackey said...

Mark, Mark, Mark ... tsk tsk tsk.

A 4 hour session, lol how I wish I could have seen that.