Thursday, November 08, 2007

The graffiti park, antwerpen

the graffiti park, antwerpen, originally uploaded by - di.

This little man and I had a long conversation about my attitude to integration ... he felt I was doing just fine and said he hadn't seen many Belgians at this graffiti park in the city.

He found my attitude refreshing and loved the fact that I was forever turning up with guests from other countries, showing them the work of Antwerpen's graffiti artists ... taking the time to 'chat' with his crowd.

Not really ... but he did love to pose.


Manictastic said...

And poop! :D He loves to poop too.

You're so delightful when you're annoyed.

Di Mackey said...

Actually, he wasn't a pooper. He said the Dutch pigeons come over and poop, leaving the Belgian non-statue-pooping pigeons with the blame ...

I'm glad you're enjoying my irritation with this course ... and of course, you have the added bonus of integrating more deeply than the average Belgian by virtue of being privy to these 'immigrant only' lessons.