Friday, June 20, 2008

Yesterday ...

It was one of 'those' days yesterday ...

Gert learned that his flu had become bronchitis and is taking antibiotics and decongestant. Jessie and little Miss Three are at the doctor's today, seeing if that's why they're still coughing, although Gert's is more impressive at this point, with the last of a fever and etc.

Jessie and I took books back to the library and I picked up some delicious movies (but of course, Mark, this doesn't mean that I won't make special time to watch DLM.) We detoured into Elfenatelier for bracelet-making supplies.

Jessie's the arty one in our world and I'm wearing a beautiful garnet-coloured bracelet, complete with a tiny mouse charm as I write this. It's a good wrist-companion to the gift Veronica gave me. I'm clearly in the bracelet stage of my life - whatever that means.

The newsletter went through its final edit and was sent out late last night.
Photo cds were sent off throughout Belgium, to Germany and over to Israel.
Bills were paid, and I realised again how much I love being able to pay my own bills after so long without money.

There was much more but already the fog of forgetting is sweeping over me as I race through this today, party-planning and sending out emails, pretending I don't see the housework that needs to be done.

Family photography session in Brussels tomorrow. I suggested 10am for the light, I do believe that equates to me being up exceedingly early in the morning. I'm trying to avoid thinking about that at the moment.

Housework ... must do some housework.


furiousBall said...

i hope Gert gets to feeling better soon

Di Mackey said...

Me too, I think the antibiotics are helping :)

Mark J said...

I would really like to believe you Di, when you come out and say things like you'll "watch Dead Like Me".

But I do have a dream Di.

I think this seemly simple task will be your Everest - and my consistent whining will merely be your Tenzing Norgay.

So - with that in mind - expect much encouragement, with frequent comments for all and sundry. I pushing for the base camp by August (so to speak).

Much love

Di Mackey said...

Oh no, a mocking ...

Okay, hold onto your dream Mark, and I'll try and settle down to DLM, Tenzing. I think I have the flu so I might need to rest, eh wot ;)

Simon said...

Thanks again for the CD - we love the photos.

Di Mackey said...

I'm so glad, Simon. You have a beautiful family.