Monday, June 16, 2008

The problem is ...

We ended up with just over 1000 wedding photographs we were really delighted with - recording the 2 days of wedding events in Berlin back in May.

I'm happy to write that the bride and groom were delighted too.

I completed the final processing in the 36 hours I had in Belgium - after Rome and just before leaving for that new job in Berlin.

And now, as I burn photographs from the second Berlin assignment onto cd, having earlier downsized, zipped and emailed an initial viewing series, I realise I'm sending them more than 700.

Taken over 3 days of conference, through 3 dance performances and including the photographs intended for the surprise (to me) 'possible' limited edition print run of the art installation, this end result comes after some suffering (mostly self-inflicted) - over the selection (and deletion) till the final images were found, over occasional croppings in Photoshop CS2, after viewing each image intensively...

I had imagined I could do this while wandering but it turned out that the travel acted as more of a palate-cleansing sorbet and I came back to work refreshed. It's been a long day but very satisfying.

Meanwhile Gert is off work with his flu for 3 days. He was prescribed strong pain and fever meds, he's breathing in steam often and sleeping whenever he can.

The doctor confirmed what we suspected, it's highly contagious.

Wish me luck.
Jessie and Little Miss Three are just coming out the other side of it all.

Work tomorrow.

Tot straks from this kiwi living in the flatlands of Belgie.

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