Sunday, June 22, 2008

Vive Dafalgan!

It's been a day of napping in the sun, reading, sleeping, working on photographs, napping some more and taking the marvellous Dafalgan.

I had never heard of it before but it's 1g of paracetamol and quite marvellous with flu pain.

Gert's bemused by my delight but not only is this an effective pain med, it's also effervescent and anyone who knows the reality of me knows about me and my effervescents.

Best moment today?
Picking up the phone and hearing my little sister on the other end of it.

We caught up on news, she's traveling to Australia soon to visit our baby brother. She's giving up the part-time office job but still working as a registered nurse at the hospice. Her two girls are still lovely and little Miss 3 had us all laughing when she asked about 'that boy' that 'Auntie' Sandra lives with.

'That boy' is Sandra's husband, Miss Three's Great Uncle and he's older than 40 ...

Yes, it was a sweet way to begin a day.

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