Thursday, June 26, 2008


Kay Cooke said...

it's all there isn't it? The light, the sense of an ancient time ... must be amazing - worth the sore knee!

Anonymous said...

So, let me guess, you want to go back and spray paint that blank wall with something mysterious and cryptic like "Di Mackey Photography"?

Di Mackey said...

It is, Kay. That door is so representative of my favourite place in Rome. The colour and the light I've experienced in Italy so far ... it seems truly amazing.

Lol no, v-grrrl. I meant that is one of the reasons I returned. I took photographs of this last time I was there but my Istanbul photo shot did terrible things to my film. I had to go back and take a new series. It was one of my big reasons for returning to Rome.

Anonymous said...

The right colour, the right light, the right camera and the right girl ... splendid!
See you soon!

Di Mackey said...

Dank u wel, Lut :)

Parties and dinners - see you soon.