Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Guess where we're going tonight ...

Selim Sesler has been called "The Coltrane of the Clarinet" - people talk of hearing a true master at work when he plays his Thracian gypsy tunes.

His style of clarinet has been described as Turkish Roman and Rumelian style. Together with his clarinet, Sesler has also appeared in Fatih Akın's widely lauded films Head On and Crossing the Bridge.

If I wasn't already convinced about going to hear Selim play tonight then this would surely get me out of the apartment ..."And to hear the exquisitely winding clarinet of Selim Sesler as he continues his exploration of the folk music preceding and during Anatolian weddings is to be seduced through time and space, dragged off to one of the world's great cultural clearing houses."

Information borrowed from TurkishNY.com

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