Wednesday, June 18, 2008

157 ...

I did it ...

Although if wolves attacked now, I'd just have to let them eat me as I couldn't run, much less walk away.

I have become the computer chair however the newsletter is all but done AND I finally processed Paola and Simon's family portrait session.

157 images that passed muster, and repassed the rigorous Gert-muster.

The lesson learned?
I can't travel and work on photography sessions no matter what I imagine I can do before setting out.

Tomorrow the cd is in the post, along with the full-resolution set of images for Berlin and my little catholic-reared soul can begin to repair its guilty self.


Anonymous said...

Luckily we get absolved from our sins after a quick confession. Hurray for Catholicism!

Di Mackey said...

Yes yes yes, although back in the days I was confessing, I was forced to sin by lying that I had sinned.

The burden of childhood eh wot ;)

Now I feel fully capable of utilising this system of confession and forgiveness.