Tuesday, June 24, 2008

This immigrant's strange life ...

There are cherries and stone fruit in the shops ... which means that it's Christmas for me or that's how it was for most of my life.

This Northern Hemisphere world is surely confusing if I'm not thinking about the reality of June up here in Belgium.

To prove my point, I just received this email from home and thought I would post it here, so you understand how odd it is for me to be doing summer in June ...

Thank you John.

Weather warning issued for Sth Island
Jun 23, 2008 9:24 PM

A severe weather warning has been issued for the lower South Island and the central North Island high country.

MetService is warning of strong, bitterly cold southwesterlies over the South Island tonight, bringing snow showers to near sea level in Southland and Otago.

The combination of snow and strong winds may produce large drifts and blizzard conditions in some exposed areas, with wind chill temperatures below minus five degrees.

These conditions are likely to affect many inland roads, and put extreme stress on exposed livestock.

The front bringing the cold unsettled weather is forecast to cross the North Island around the middle of tomorrow, followed by heavy showers and possible thunderstorms.

Heavy snow should hit the central North Island high country from early afternoon - affecting many roads in the area - including the Desert Road and the alternative State Highway Four through National Park.


Anonymous said...

It's got to be very disorienting to change hemispheres like that! I can't imagine celebrating Christmas in the middle of the summer. Snow and Christmas go together. I think my internal clock would go nuts.

Anonymous said...

extreme stress on exposed livestock

NZ is such a rural place. They even warn to protect the cows and sheep.

Oh, does the weather report during summer advice placing an extra bowl of water with the livestock when it gets really hot?

And more importantly, do you think they should if they aren't already? :D

Unknown said...

We got hit with snow in Wyoming just 2 weeks ago and almost couldn't make it out of Yellowstone--very odd. Felt a bit like being in Wonderland without Alice.

furiousBall said...

do the toilet bowls really flush in the other direction? because that alone would make me pass out from being disoriented

Di Mackey said...

Yes, it's all very odd, rd. This long summer holiday in my old winter ... I think I might have truly become one of those people who don't really exist in time and space.

There's only 4 million people back home and we live on a landmass that is 9 times bigger than Belgium so ... we have to be good to the animals or they might come get us.

But they live outside all the time, manic ... summer and winter, eating grass, being relatively free but for the fence thing.

And yes, animals have rights too ... of course there's hot stuff put out for them in winter ;)

Snow in Wyoming. Hmmm, I only know of the 'green grass of' :) It's only been hot here while I traveled - so hot.

Inge said...

There have been calls to celebate Christmas down under on 25 July & I'm all for it - at least we'd get a big event to break the winter months!

Di Mackey said...

Hey, we should ... and I'll have my proper Christmas here on 25 July!