Saturday, June 14, 2008

23 days of wandering

and today is the day I fly home ... browner, lighter, stronger and feeling so good, just sad to be leaving again.

It's going to be difficult to settle back into my Belgian life, although I have a solid week of photography combined with NGO work ahead of me. I suspect I won't spend much time away from the computer initially.

As I write this, Yakup is preparing a Turkish breakfast for us and Lisen is getting ready to head off to work. She has her own English language school for children here in the city.

Maybe I'll photograph this breakfast because Turkish food is surely amongst the very best food in the world. I miss it terribly when I'm not here.

The days became blurred as they filled with good people and interesting places. I guess I'll write a retrospective with photographs once I'm home in the spaces I make between work.

Tot straks.


furiousBall said...

it's nice to read you Di, you travel, you love traveling, and you appreciate your opportunities to do so

Mark J said...

I've missed you Di.
I look forward to Skyping you soon - I need a good telling off, and god knows youre the best person I know to do the telling :)

Anyhoo - hope this message finds you well, and in good spirits - you have been missed!

Unknown said...

Been away from computers awhile while we were out west. Looking forward to sitting down with a cuppa joe and reading your posts. The photos are fantabulous!AnnieH

Anonymous said...

Welcome home Di!

Antwerp(en) at present: poring rain, 13°C/55°F with gusty winds.

You left for Rome/Berlin/Istanbul during a period most local travel agencies were and still are packed with people trying to escape from the relentless Belgian rain.

I'm looking forward reading/hearing all your stories.

Di Mackey said...

I do, furiousball - I so do :)

See you on skype sometime this week, Mark. A telling off, I can't imagine needing to do that to you unless you said no to free tickets to Europe.

Good spirits, yes. Red ones to be precise lol.

Out west ... you fantabulous lady, so now I need to make time to go catch up on blogposts about being out west :)

It will be good to catch up with you, Peter. It looks like being crazy till Wednesday or Thursday but lets try for a coffee sometime during the week ahead?

Anonymous said...

Going home after a fantastic travel vacation is difficult, I know. Real life and all...pffttt... Can't wait to see more pictures!