Monday, June 16, 2008

Remembering Rome

Jules, Rome, originally uploaded by - di.

My favourite place in Rome, for those who haven't read of it already is Castel Sant' Angelo, located on the banks of the Tiber - not far from Vatican City.

My cousin had been teaching in Qatar and we met in Rome for 6 days of endless wandering. They were good days.

Thanks Julie.


furiousBall said...

what a cool looking doorway

Me and my camera said...

That's a lovely photo, Di. She's so relaxed and natural - which I know is your "trademark look" in portraiture.

Glad you had fun in Rome - I'd love to get there some day...

Di Mackey said...

I stalked that door, Van. I love it too and took a series of it back in 2003, on film. I've been itching to get back there and do it with digital :)

Ideally I need to go back again though - light and weather and stay the whole day. It's a plan and it's incredibly cheap to fly from here over to Italy.

You must, Knarf. I can just imagine the photographs you would take there ... they would be stunning for sure.