Sunday, June 29, 2008

Places that make my heart sing

early morning, rome, originally uploaded by - di.

I was remembering a time when I woke early in the wilds of New Zealand, within sight of Mount Cook, climbed out of my sleeping bag, made coffee and walked until there was a fencepost to lean back on and view of the sunrise.

I love the raw power of New Zealand's Nature.
It's something like drinking the very best wine, an experience that overwhelms the senses, making you feel in ways that can't be described only felt.

Rome is like that in another way.
The city overwhelms me to the point where there is a feeling of pure joy as I do something as simple as wander the sun-filled streets at dawn with my camera.


Pam said...

Holy cats, wouldja look at that light?

Di Mackey said...

You made me go looking, I couldn't remember :) Thanks Pam!

Rome has this perfect light thing going on ... I already want to go back, immediately!