Monday, June 02, 2008

Caviar and smoked salmon for breakfast ...

The hotel where I'm staying has a Russian theme and so it is that caviar and smoked salmon are a normal part of the breakfast buffet ... champagne on Sunday mornings.

This morning, sigh ... I was sharing the breakfast room with a German professor of literature, an art critic, a man who also lectures on dance and I had this burden of 'ohmygoodness, what does on eat with their caviar?'

Fortunately, Crocodile Dundee has lowered the standards when it comes to what Europeans expect from people from the lands downunder. I calmly ate it with a little crossiant.

I love the taste but was a little uncertain about its viability as a breakfast dish ... I guess I'll experiment in the morning.

Today was the day of the hired lens which shifted my focus some. The next few jobs will be all about buying some new lenses I think. I'm just downloading the results as I write this but they seemed good on the screen ...

I'm taking photographs for a publication that will come out about this 3-day event and then ... during the reception, one of the big German banks approached me about buying a particular photograph for a project. I hope this goes well.

Then ... yes, there's more.
Then I returned to the hotel just now to find news that a magazine in West 57th Street, New York is publishing a photograph of mine so yes, it's been a good day.

Hot ... still hot though.

I'm hoping to post some photos tonight. I stepped outside from the reception and was fooling around photographing the Brandenburg Gate when I saw this photograph ... I'm hoping it's as good as it seemed on the screen.

Tot straks!


Anonymous said...

Boiled eggs go well with caviar, says the snobby kid from belgium :D

German banks, high-profile NY magazines (is it Newsweek?), professors, who said kiwis couldn't soar. :D

Anonymous said...

It's all due to the bracelet, I'm SURE.

Wonderful to read all this and do a little joyous happy dance for you here in America.

Anonymous said...

Do you really think you will talk to ordinary people when you're back? And can you explain how you manage to describe life history of everyone you meet anywhere?
And will you please be back soon? I'm waiting for you ...

Di Mackey said...

Boiled eggs ... you know, I think they were offering that at the reception last night but I was filling up on the Turkish sarma :)

The bracelet ... me too.
I wear it everywhere I go.
Thank you Ms V! But wait, there's more! I'll have to phone you when I get home.

'Ordinary people' ... I don't know any ordinary people, Lut.

I think the problem with these life histories is that I talk far too much. Kiwis often do when they fly away from home :) Lol, you might have noticed this.

Back in about 10 days.

Di Mackey said...

P.S: Nooooooo, Manic. It wasn't a high profile NY magazine. It just had a really good address :)