Sunday, July 05, 2009

From my Sunday ...

my bike, originally uploaded by - di.

We biked over to the new (rented) house today. We have the key to take measurements and coming back, through the park nearby, I couldn't resist stopping to take this photograph.

My beloved old black bike is there in the foreground and this is one of the many beautiful city parks Antwerpen has. I miss the wild rugged wilderness of New Zealand but have to confess that sometimes, these parks are almost enough ...

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Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Busy ...

a wee one, originally uploaded by - di.

23 celsius at 11pm and mosquitoes in the know are partying down at 'the' mosquito club ... Di's ankles.

Work today, a good day but for the rivelets of sweat running, everyone checking their pants and skirts as they stood up from hot plastic seats, soaked by the lack of fresh air as we trammed, trained and laboured our way through these 30 celsius days in the cities.

Living in Belgie, one becomes unaccustomed to such heat, the lucky ones are already on holiday at the beach. Summer holidays have begun and today I noticed the trains and trams had already halved their passenger loads.

I've been processing photographs and just loved this image.