Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Cay, Istanbul

Cay, originally uploaded by - di.

Anyone who has done Istanbul will recognise the glass cup immediately.

Anyone who has lived here will have probably consumed hundreds of glasses of the sweet more-ish tea.

I couldn't resist this snapshot.


Anonymous said...

Even before I read the text, only seeing the picture, I felt I was seeing the whole nation.

furiousBall said...

great shot amiga, love the red in the saucer

Anonymous said...

Finally some nice shots ... we started to miss them!
Enjoy en see you soon!

Kay Cooke said...

Am enjoying the snippets of your travels and impressions. You sound completely re-smitten.

Di Mackey said...

Shashikiran, your comment stayed with me for days. Thank you.

It's an old-fashioned design, Van. I found it out on the Princes' Islands. Although Istanbul and etc does post-modernism perfectly well, it's the history, the preservation of, that attracts my camera everytime.

Sorry about that Lut. I had to just make myself sit down and do some work on transferring them, as I was without wifi in Istanbul.

Completely and absolutely resmitten for sure, chiefbiscuit. It was delightful :)