Sunday, May 18, 2008

A truly lovely day ...

You know when you get to spend the day with lovely people, photographing them and their families ... well that was my today.

It began with me realising that the Sunday train timetable to Brussels is different to the week day timetable and so I was late. However, from that point on all was delicious and I have over 400 beautiful photographs as proof.

I don't know that I've ever attempted 2 family photo sessions back-to-back but there is a baby boy due in 3 weeks and I'll still be in Istanbul so ... I was eager to see if I could capture this 'before and after' baby moment.

After photographing Paola and Simon, they very kindly fed me and shared their Japan wanderings(recorded by their Canon EOS 40D, she writes enviously) until Richard arrived. We were introduced and he drove me over to his beautiful family in Wallonia.

One of the things I love about family photography is the unpredictability of it all - each group has their own dynamic. I just have to wait and to let it emerge.

Both sessions had moments when capturing the moment was something close to sublime and working quickly through the first selection just now, I found I had caught something of what I 'felt' working out there.

Perhaps it's not clear but if I get permission to post, I'll let you see what I mean.

Today I photographed 2 Brits, an Italian, and a handful of Belgians and a South African. Traveling back to the city, Gert called to see where I was and I told him the truth, that I was in a van full of South Africans ...

He's getting used to my life and he laughed.

I traveled home with a lovely Belgian woman I met on the train but she's a story for another time I suspect.

Tot straks from this kiwi in Belgie.


V-Grrrl said...

Sounds wonderful...

Hi Simon!!!

Simon said...

Hi V!
Di - thanks again for a very enjoyable and relaxing session, and feel free to post images here.

Peter said...

I can perfectly relate to how Gert felt Di: I should have laughed too - your life is getting more intriguing by the minute! (And more emotionally rewarding along the way).

I'm looking forward to the pictures showing Simon's family.

Di Mackey said...

Lol, look at you 2, shouting out to each other in my blog.

It was a pleasure, Simon. Thank you for lunch and everything.

Hey Peter, yes you might have laughed to ... I was. Preparing for Rome, working through the huge 'to-do' list, waiting for praise from you regarding my visit to the doctor and I have your postal address going to Rome and Istanbul and I'm hoping to be the good postcard friend xo