Monday, May 05, 2008

A lovely 24 hours ...

Yesterday and Ruth arrived bearing wine, then Shannon rolled in fresh from Holland and we all just kind of hung out for the afternoon. I cooked a piece of roast lamb from New Zealand, with potatoes, kumaras (sweet potatoes), carrots, onion and garlic finding their way into the big roasting dish too.

In a moment of inspiration and realising that summer has begun, we moved the old oak dining table and ecetera out onto the balcony and ate dinner as the sun was going down.

It was a dinner with much laughter and conversation, one that ended with apple crumble and whipped cream, coffee and as many Oreos as were required to tame the tummy.

This morning my eyebrows were transformed into something stunning by Shannon, my delight with them amusing her endlessly. We wandered into the city to find her some European glasses before making our way to a cute little restaurant on Hendrick Conscienceplein for her birthday lunch.

Wandering minstrels serenaded us and we ate next to the St Carolus Borromeus Church - the baroque church built by the Jesuits around 1620. I love that area.

Tonight Shannon's back in Holland, flying out Wednesday ...
By crikey, it was a lovely 24 hours.

(Author's note: Shannon's first words to me on meeting were 'Do you say 'by crikey' in New Zealand?' Taken aback, I wasn't sure and told her I thought it was an Aussie thing however ... it turns out I do, most specifically when someone's in trouble but it's a little amusing.)


furiousBall said...

let's see the eyebrows!

Mark J said...

Crikey is an ozzi-ism.
Bugger's our word-de-country

Peter said...

(Noon in Antwerp) Di just visited Van.

I can assure you: her eyebrows were stunning - Shannon is a pro.

Di Mackey said...

Okay, Van.

It's an ozzi-ism but I seem to use it often. Then again, I use 'Bugger' as well :)

Dank u wel, Peter and yes, Shannon's fantastic!