Wednesday, May 07, 2008

This & That

So I was taking the anti-inflammatories for my root-canal and my knee is rapidly improving ... it's grand. Peter will be pleased, having elicited a promise from me about seeing a doctor one day soon.

It was good to walk without a limp today ... that limp I had been rather successfully ignoring until I tried keeping up with Shannon in the city. She's one of those gorgeous long-legged creatures who stride everywhere. I was the limpy creature.

Work today but I had to race away from the office early.
I have this 'situation' going on there.

Last week I took my laptop with Photoshop CS2 and opened it just once and briefly.
This week I opted out of making my bag 'that' heavy and so of course, I had to go home to work on some photographs for an exhibition not-my-own, needed within a couple of hours.

2 hours of hard labour and that was done.

Did I mention the weather ... 24 degrees celsius today.
It was grand, even if I was the chick falling asleep over a book on the train between Brussels and Antwerp.

Hope alles goed over in your world.

Tot straks from the kiwi in Belgie.


furiousBall said...

hope that knee continues to feel good, i'm actually feeling like a run tonight for the first time since sunday (reinjurying my back)

chiefbiscuit said...

Must be nice now that it's spring and a spring in your step / knee.

Di Mackey said...

The knee ... mmm, doctor's this week I think Van. The anti-inflammatory helps but I guess I should find out what the problem is. Good luck with the back.

Lol, uh huh chiefbiscuit. It made Berlin a little challenging but spring surely is helping with the spring.