Tuesday, May 06, 2008

It went like this ...

Yesterday, after the lovely lunch in the sun with Shannon, I realised that my temporary filling had fallen out.

I was quietly distraught, knowing I would have to wait to be seen this time.

I went in today, quite happy really, knowing I could deal with another patch-up relatively easily but HAH, everything had changed and we had reached root-canal status.

Mmmmm, so I'm home with stage 1 of the root canal. Back for the final repair the day before I fly out to Italy.

Children and child-like ones - do not neglect your teeth because the problem doesn't go away, it simply gets worse.

But the day started nicely.
A visit with the lovely Peter. We were out on his balcony, enjoying the sun as we caught up on each others news. It was difficult to drag myself away in the end but I did.

After much dithering I walked over to the port buildings and picked up an extra flash we need for the wedding in Germany. I couldn't be bothered but mmmm, maybe it was best and I'll just laze about for the rest of the day now. Psychologically limping after visiting the tandarts and despite the fact she's quite adorable.

Tot straks.


furiousBall said...

oh no, more dental woes! i just got my permanent crowns in yesterday. sending you dental commiseration energy

Di Mackey said...

Same dental woes really ... I suspect this will drag out over months and I'll be lucky not to lose one, with another root canal somewhere down the road.

It occurred to me recently that I had this whole magical-thinking wandering-woman thing going ... you know, the one where the woman who wanders doesn't need to go to the doctor or the dentist because travelers never get sick.

Sigh, it seems I'm an idiot.

Peter said...

I was great having you here on my balcony Di, even though a root canal treatment is no fun ride.

Well, travelers do get sick occasionally, but you sure are not the only one apprehensive of 'the dentist'.

The worst part for me is probably 'the bill', as new crowns are quite expensive and not covered by national Belgian insurance.

Di Mackey said...

I think we'll make our summer a bit of a balcony summer ... what say you, Peter?

I just need to organise that dinner once I'm back from wandering.

And ouch to the crowns, I didn't know anything was 'uncovered' by the Belgian national insurance.