Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Sunshine, blue skies and a little musing

I find my life bewildering sometimes ...

Today as I dropped Miss 3 off at Kindy, shopped for milk, cheese - accidentally discovering a lovely Australian wine on special - then waiting forever for a tram, I realised that I swing between the sublime and the everyday - the challenging and the dull and I'm never sure what will be next.

On Friday, I woke in Berlin, too edgy to enjoy breakfast, not really quite on the planet as I thought through the day ahead ... following the bride, documenting her day, the wedding, the family, the musicians, the unexpected ... generally charged with capturing everything, not by her but by my own internal manager.

Gert has stepped up into the space of second photographer and has started putting his soul into his work. I saw it this time. Before he had been 'the technical guy' - these days he's becoming something else when he works with his camera.

Walking back to the Pension through a warm Berlin night around midnight, he teased me about how nervous I had been at the start of the day ... laughing when I asked 'Was I?' but yes, too nervous to eat well, unable to answer the simplest of questions ...

To capture the moment, sometimes I need to find my way into the soul or the heart of a family or group or subject. This family hadn't been all together for years and the children live between 2 countries - I wanted to gift a series of portraits as well as the days and ceremonies.

I did it.

This week is all about working my way through the 1000 images that have survived the first two cuts. It's about creating an order of events, merging Gert's work and mine, sending the best back to Berlin and over to Israel.

I have never had the experience of photographing so much exuberant and deeply felt love. I need to ask permission but I'm hoping to post some of the photographs in the weeks ahead ... just waiting until the bride and groom return from Venice.

Sunshine and blue skies, 28 degrees celsius expected.
Have a lovely day where ever you are.


Manictastic said...

Have a lovely day as well, my dear. Those thousand pictures will quickmy find their way and then you'll be able to enjoy the sunshine.

RD said...

It sounds like your experience affected you deeply. I wish I could have witnessed this moment. Can't wait to see some pictures. You are becoming quite the international sensation!

Di Mackey said...

Hey manic, I am having a lovely day although I'm about to go and see if I can get a personal bank account. Wish me luck, I lost my first account when a mistake was made during the processing of my business bank account ... everything is complicated isn't it?

RD, your comment did make me smile. I've just been fortunate in that I've met some truly interesting people out and about. I hope to make a slideshow on my photography website but imagine it will take some time to clear everything with people. I'll let you know if I do.

I hope alles goed over in your world. xo

furiousBall said...

that does sound like a very emotional shoot. i need to accidentally find some good wine this evening me thinks

Di Mackey said...

I hope you find something nice, Van. I haven't been drinking since I started with the anti-inflammatories but the 2 special bottles have been tucked away in the hall cupboard for later ... perhaps even for Istanbul.

I'm staying with friends there for 2 weeks and promised Lisen some good Australian wine. Let's see how long I can do without the red for ;)

Shashikiran said...

Read this post while getting ready for work; got an extra oomph reading the intensity you take to your work. It's going to be a great day, thank you!

Di Mackey said...

Always a pleasure, Shashikiran. I hope your day was a good one.