Thursday, May 22, 2008

This truly delicious invitation arrived ...

In a three-day workshop philosophers, art theoreticians, poets, the artist and the dancer investigate the significance of the image, the letter, semiotic textures and body movement within the contexts of classical and contemporary Islamic and European philosophy, image theory, performance studies and choreography. Participants focus upon the critique and appreciation of divine representation emerging from Jewish and Islamic philosophical and mystical sources and upon calligraphy as a most eminent of the Islamic arts.

I had to reorganise my travels (willingly reorganise my travels) to incorporate this Berlin photo-shoot in-between Italy and Istanbul.

The last 2 days were days of craziness where I worked out how to fit everything in - in-between x-rays, wedding photo work, a full day working in Brussels yesterday and everything else in my life.

It occured to me that it's the multi-tasking that is waking me 5am.

I wake with long 'to-do' lists scrolling through my mind, having dreamed incredible dreams about what is ahead.

In other news, this morning I learned that my favourite castel in Rome has a fireworks display this Saturday - celebrating the beginning of Michelangelo Buonarroti’s work in the Sistine Chapel. Hmmm, so just how much weight does the tripod add to my luggage.

The good news is that my wheeled-suitcase seems close to heaven-sent. I was at work yesterday specifically to photograph a Jewish Muslim workshop they were running. Normally I would load myself with camera gear and laptop and come home a wreck. This time I loaded the little wheeled suitcase and la vita e bella.

We went over what I'll be photographing in Istanbul, despite my late arrival fresh from Berlin.

And to think this began as a simple flight to Rome ...

Tot straks from the kiwi.


chiefbiscuit said...

How exciting!!!! Looking forward to your news and photos - lucky us (your readers)!

Di Mackey said...

Hey thank you, chiefbiscuit :)

Take care over there xo

furiousBall said...


my weekend seems very sedentary compared to yours. if visiting different countries were a contest, you'd be totally kicking my ass

Anonymous said...

You know that stress is turning you into an octopus ... you'll manage. Still available to carry your suitcases ...
Enjoy it and keep us informed!

distracted by shiny objects said...

Sounds like a marvelous trip. Enjoy, enjoy, and baby that knee if you can.
PS. It's tricky to try to read your radiology reports even in English--the handwriting can throw you for a loop:>) AnnieH

Di Mackey said...

Your life could never ever be described as sedentary ... NEVER, Van.

I'm sure we'll travel someplace good soon, Lut. We almost had Paris :) Will keep you informed.

Dear Annie, I am never reading anything a medical person writes about me again. Never ever!

The trip, it does doesn't it, although to be honest I'm still overwhelmed by it all. I think I come here with my lists and plans just to anchor myself a little.

La Gatita Gringa said...

Bon voyage!!! ... she says enviously

Di Mackey said...

I thought of you today, la Gatita. I thought, she would have loved this!

I'll try writing it soon but it's a beautiful overwhelming of the senses at the moment.