Monday, May 19, 2008

Meet Simon

meet the simon, originally uploaded by - di.

You can read his blog over here.


Anonymous said...

General comment. Putting large watermarks over photos is obnoxious and detracts from the blog. All watermarks are sort of cheesy (do you really think in the sea of images that exist on the internet that someone is going to be pilfering yours), but if you must watermark, make it discreet at least.

Di Mackey said...

Dear anonymous,

While I appreciate your advice, (missing any kind of ownership of comment I note) I can only say that most people know that photographs are commonly pilfered on the internet and some clever individuals actually sell the pilfered photos as their own to stock photo libraries.

And yes, my photographs have been pilfered and for a while the karma of it seemed kind of nice but then it was time to own my work and maybe make enough money to live from my labours.

Sorry my watermark offends you.

Kind regards

V-Grrrl said...

I think you should change your watermark to be larger and more detailed:

Face by the Divine Creator
Divine Photo by Di(vine) Mackey


Di Mackey said...

Dear V, that was another of your comments that 'must be read aloud' ;)