Friday, May 30, 2008

One day back home ...

So today has been about unpacking, washing, ironing and repacking ...

It's been about buying the stunning new flash needed for the Berlin job.

It's been about being home, being present and preparing to leave before midday tomorrow.

This really tight schedule is new to me but I like it.

There's the good and the bad of it.

The bad is that I'm so tired that I could probably curl up on the floor here and sleep but the good is that I'm traveling again.

The bad is leaving everybody at home but the good is that there are very few dishes out there on the road.

The bad is also the fact that my previous jobs haven't processed themselves in my absence and so I'll be working past midnight to get them all done, having worked with them most of the day. And I'll probably work on the plane and in the Berlin hotel tomorrow too.

I hand over the 1000+ wedding dvd tomorrow. Gert and I are both pleased with the results, now to see if those photographed agree with us, and to see if I might have permission to publish some here in the weeks ahead.

Today has been a grey-low-cloud kind of day but it suited my need for something cooler than 30+ degrees celsius.

Okay, back to the photographs.


furiousBall said...

see, i'm the same way. a tight schedule is comforting to me. i dunno why, just is

harvey molloy said...

Best wishes for the Berlin job.

Di Mackey said...

Your schedule is tighter than mine. I am driven by external factors, you simply drive yourself, Van. It's impressive, I need to catch up on news of your back though. Take care!

Thanks Harvey. It's fabulous, she enthuses after day 1. I have missed this intellectual discussion so much and the people are so interesting. But better still, I get to listen and take photographs :)

It's time I caught up on your blog. It feels like it's been a while. I hope alles goed in the land of the long white cloud.