Wednesday, May 28, 2008

From Travestere ...

This woman from the land downunder has discovered that she is not one of the mad dogs and Englishmen rumoured to enjoy the midday sun and that internet cafes are sometimes air-conditioned when no more coffee or sparkling water can be consumed.

After a few hours of wandering on the other side of the river in Travestere, it was time to rest and so it is that my cousin and I popped into this cafe. Last night, after a little wine and salad in the garden, we wandered down to the store that sells sublime gelato and then on over to the internet cafe to phone her husband back home.

Somehow ... well, she has a blog of her own now. Perhaps it was inevitable, as inevitable as standing still for 3 seconds when you're with me means that you will be photographed.

This afternoon is some more of this area, although we're so very very hot here again, a rest, a little wine and then back out into the night for my last dinner in Rome (this time) and on into the city wandering ... to re-take all the night shots I accidentally deleted this morning. I've never done that before but I guess it was going to happen some time.

We arrived 'home' around midnight last night and fell into bed. You see this morning, in a fit of organising things, I cleaned my memory card thinking I had all of the photographs there loaded onto my laptop.

I didn't.
Never mind, it's a beautiful city to night-wander in ...

Ciao for now.

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furiousBall said...

fun travels, rest well my favorite Kiwi