Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Riding the wild horse called Life ...

It's been a day ...

5am and started work on the wedding photographs.

There's just 800 more to sort through and it calmed my mind before I left for the hospital. Then that appointment left me in pieces, as written below.

I had another appointment at 2pm, and in-between there was housework and an urgent call from the Brussels office - a set of important workshop photographs had been left in France.

I was sure I could put something together, and then finished up work on the exhibition collection of the NGO's work for Thursday.

Out for 'things needed for Rome' and back to the most incredible photographic job offer I've had yet.

I should be back in Berlin early June, just before Istanbul, all going well and it's SO EXCITING that lucid explanation is quite beyond me at the moment but news will follow once I've worked out what is possible and I calm down a little.

I hope your day was a good one.
Tot ziens.


Manictastic said...

Wow, you've been going through a lot. Berlin again? Rome! Istanbul! No pants at the hospital! It's the ultimate travel story. I would love to read your biography? When does it come out?

V-Grrrl said...

Wedding photos in the U.S. normally take many months to be prepared for the couple. So if Americans, the 24/7 I-want-it-now people can wait months, your dear Germans can wait too.

Di Mackey said...

The biography ... I did laugh, Manic but Gert really likes the idea. I make him laugh with my adventures but it can be exhausting when I pull him into them. I think he thinks me writing 'the book' would create a little more peace in his world ;)

The wedding photo urgency is me, v-grrrl. Each sitting I do is a delight and working on the resulting images is a little like opening Christmas presents. The pressure all comes from me but it seems we have almost 2000 photographs due to including portraits of family who are together rarely.

I'll take them to Rome and finish them there I suspect. So much has happened this week that my schedule is a little off-track.