Tuesday, May 20, 2008

2 things I didn't want to hear at my radiology appointment

So the radiologist took me into the small changing cubicle and looked at me. 'Okay, take off your trousers and shoes and follow me.'

Wanting to seem mature and Europeanised, as opposed to shy and Kiwi, I didn't squeak 'but where's my little white gown?'

He left me alone for a while. I checked the four walls of that small room in vain, there was no hook ... no gown.

After the x-ray he asked me to follow him with my stuff, so yeah ... that was me, the woman in her underpants, pretty shirt and socks, wandering around the radiology department in Antwerp. I guess I wasn't the first but ufff, I could have blushed if pressed.

Sitting on the ultra-sound bed, I picked up my book and read until the ultra-sound guy came.

Second thing I didn't want to hear after the new guy had checked out my leg extensively: Does your other knee hurt too?

I flexed it, thought about it some and said 'No' but wondered why on earth he would ask. We talked about aging. He didn't enjoy that as he was definitely older but I was excusing the possible worn and torn knee he had on his screen.

We parted laughing.

In the grip of whatever foolishness is required to open your radiology results in a foreign language, I almost died of a heart attack on reading a word that means something else entirely in English.

I suffered part time until 7pm when my vivid imaginings were shutdown.

It seems that I have tendinitis in my achilles tendon because I limped on it for so long ... and then there's this rather uncomfortable knee condition that is very common.

So ummm yes, it was a memorable visit. Next time I'm wearing a skirt and underpants that cover more than a bathing suit covers.


Peter said...

Some radiology depts tend to have a very classic no-nonsense approach:
although your millage will vary from hospital to hospital ;-)

Achilles tendinitis is not the fastest healing issue:
but I'm sure you were relieved to get a diagnosis.

Glad to hear you're on a fast moving avalanche of sheer (work) fun!

V-Grrrl said...

Could be worse. You could be wearing just your panties and a pair of clogs and peddling an exercise bike positioned uncomfortably close to a window. Cardiologists are so cruel... : )

I'm glad you have an "ordinary" problem. See, not so bad now is it, these visits to the doctors. Now you don't need to worry, just treat and heal.

Di Mackey said...

No-nonsense approach ... lol yes, that's a nice way of describing it.

I hope to find places to sit down and write to you while I'm wandering, Peter. I'll have wifi in my room in Berlin :)

I couldn't help giggling, V. Poor you, I guess cardiologists forget that we spend most of our time covering up.