Friday, May 16, 2008

5am ... birdsong and photoshop

I woke early this morning ... first in the grip of the exploding muscle pain that is cramp, then later my knee sang me into consciousness.

Yesterday I tried taking just one inflammatory instead of the 3 sachets I had been taking ... it didn't work out so well, complicated by train and tram issues.

A fire in Brussels North station had thrown the whole train schedule out of order, so my train to work yesterday ran 20 minutes late and abandoned us 2 stops from South Station. Then, unrelated to the fire but annoying, my tram broke down just 2 stops from work ... I arrived anyway.

It was a day of good conversations about all kinds of things, a day where I sent out my first press release to a huge range of media.

Going home, my knee and I were jammed onto a second train after it was revealed that Dutch trains were having problems too ... mostly in Holland but my Amsterdam-bound train (via Antwerp) wasn't going anywhere and so 2 train-loads of passengers piled onto another train.

A lovely guy gave me one of the last seats and stood - delicious for devouring my Isabel Allende book The Sum of Our Days but completely terrible for my knee which protests being stuck in a bent position.

So here I am, 5am ... coffee pot gurgling away in the background, birdsong filling the rest of the space and I've opened the huge wedding folder file to begin some hours of processing those photographs.

Tot ziens from the kiwi.


Ash said...

Your all the way around the world and yet it sounds a lot like life here.
Our local train station is closed until further notice due to possible asbestos, then this afternoon trains were canceled due to an "emergency incident" (Dad heard that someone had been hit and died). Then buses were replacing trains with 2hour delays - for a trip that usual takes us 25mins. Finally back to normal now.

Manictastic said...

Let's hope your knee gets better for your Rome/Istanbul trip.

furiousBall said...

that guy that stood for you... kharma will give him something good today, at least i hope so. and i want my son to be that guy one day too

Di Mackey said...

I'm glad things are settling down over there, Ash. Abestos ... that's horrid. Take care xo

Hey Manic, well I'm just in from the doctor's and there are x-rays and ultra-sounds ahead - knee and ankle tendon. I feel a bit silly as maybe I left it too long. I'll be limping out on the road but I guess I'll allow for it now, as opposed to trying to ignore it all.

Di Mackey said...

I'm sure your son will be that guy, Van. It's all about example and I'm not sure our kids ever forget that kind of thing later.