Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Templehof, Berlin

The symmetrical complex, with its seemingly endless terminal, was constructed in record time, only two years, under the direction of Ernst Sagebiel, nicknamed the "Reich's Speedy Master Builder." When it was finished, the complex included 285,000 square meters (3,067,000 square feet) of space, divided among 49 buildings, 7 hangars and 9,000 offices. The results were impressive: surprisingly clean lines, with the narrow windows in the fa├žade of the main building creating a rhythmic, cascade-like effect, combined with a touch of southern flair resulting from the generous use of shell limestone. It was a Teutonic bastion with Art Deco elements.
Templehof Airport, Berlin

I don't think I wrote up the Berlin trip as facts ... it was more of a incohorent rave really.

The thing was that we were fortunate and managed to find a flight landing at Templehof, Berlin's famous centre-city airport.

We had a short walk to the metro and voila, we were at our Pension in a few stops.

Unbelievably, it looks like Berlin is surrendering its fabulous old airport, as the recent referendum failed to halt plans to close it completely.

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