Friday, May 16, 2008

Sometimes I'm a wee bit of a plonker ...

So I found the suitcase with wheels today - hand-luggage for the laptop and camera gear. I've been suffering acute wheeled-suitcase-envy of late. My shoulders will love me for this.

The curly-grrrl, (aka Miss Three) and I spent the morning in the city - she had a day off from kindy and so it was that I discovered she's a wee shopper. She was hilarious, gently dragging me into the Body Shop to ooh and ahhh over lip gloss, solemnly promising not to put it all over the mouths and eyes of her toys this time. Pink shoes were high on her list of must-haves and then we spent some time in my favourite secondhand bookshop. I had to leave sooner than anticipated because she plonked herself down and began reading out loud (really loud) from the 2 books I found for her.

I asked if she could read to herself.
She replied,'No I can't!' Seeming miffed that I would even ask it of her.

Finally it was time for a waffle from the best waffle cafe in the city ... she had cleaned her bedroom for me.

She chose the Dame Blanche ... a light and fluffy Brussels waffle with whipped cream, ice cream and chocolate sauce. She endeavored to eat faster than me so as to get more than half.

We met the curly grrl's mother for (another more serious) lunch then took ourselves home.

Time for the doctor...
She was lovely but almost gave me a heart attack when she first talked of her idea of what was going on with my knee and achilles tendon.

It seems I might have left my knee just a little too long and I'm off for ultra-sounds and x-rays on both my knee and my tendon.

It really was 'that' sore.
We have this bizarre thing about pain in New Zealand, or perhaps it's merely my family but the leg can be hanging on by a thread and we'll attempt to deny there's any real problem.

My sister is quite stunning with her stuff and was sent home from work after coming in with terrible pneumonia. That would be Sand's - the Registered Nurse with years of experience in other peoples health issues.

I suspect it has something to do with Dad's standard cure for all that ailed us as children, as in 'Bring me the axe, I'll chop it off.'

I had assumed soft-tissue injury back in October but lately had started to wonder if it needed some help in repairing itself.

Seems it does, although there's no time for anything more than the x-ray stuff before I go wandering. So yes, I'll be the chick limping but smiling as she strolls through Rome and Istanbul with her camera.


Manictastic said...

Sounds like a lovely day and miss Three is right, leading to yourself is boring if an entire bookshop can be your audience. She's meant to become a leading lady in some sort of movie thing, you can just sense it.

Have fun in the cities.

Di Mackey said...

I'm sure you're right, Manic.

She will be an actress, a dancer or some other huge personality, loved the world around. She's truly hilarious :)

Hoping for a party towards the end of June - when are your exams?

furiousBall said...

oh, i forgot to post a pic, but i put your Berlin trumpeter shot up in my studio as promised, looks awesome!

Di Mackey said...

So we have a hand in inspiring each other's work? I listen to the cd you sent a while ago.

I'm glad you like it.

Mark J said...

I'd kick your sisters backside if I was still living in Dunedin.
May have to do it verbally instead. You Mackey girls always push the health envelope :(

Di Mackey said...

Well it's okay, the pneumonia incident was a few years ago although, I'm not sure how her shoulder is these days ;)

V-Grrrl said...

You are a plonker. I should have bossed to you to the doctor months and months ago. : )