Thursday, January 25, 2007

A Travel and Life Writing Journey to Morocco

Kasbahs, Mint Tea & Medinas

Why do we travel?
Why do we write?
What and how do we see'?
And how do we convey what we see?

I had mail from Sandy over at The View from Fez this morning ... he sent news of a rather stunning opportunity for people to travel and write in Morocco.

Read on ...

The mail is written for anyone who might like to flit off to explore "kasbahs, mint tea and medinas" with Sandy McCutcheon and Beth this March.

They are leading a travel/life-writing study tour of Casablanca, Tangier, Fez and Marrakech, with 9 days in a traditional riad in the labyrinthine medina of Fez.

This tour's specialty is not only new eyes to snap word-pictures with, but writer and broadcaster Sandy's insider knowledge of Morocco (where he lives half the year in a restored 400 yr old riad) allowing us access to local writers, artisans and customs/knowledge.

This is a tour for those who want to experience writing 'in place' (outside of our own place), while getting under the skin of a foreign country and culture.

Note: there are prices for flying out of Australia and seperate prices for those who begin their journey in Morocco.

I shall now go and find grief counselling for myself - as I'm not financially ready for that particular delicious adventure however maybe you are ...

And just by the way, Sandy's a successful and much-published writer. I enjoyed his book Black Widow , devouring it as only good books are devoured. You can find a list of his books here and just click on the title for a review.


Anonymous said...

That does sound like a delicious opportunity. Alas, more OVERSEAS GUESTS (!) will keep me from going along. (Yet another reason the B&B is closing mid-April). :)

woman wandering said...

It would be delicious, wouldn't it. A pity we can't wander off and join them this year .. who knows what is ahead though.