Wednesday, January 17, 2007

PA Required, urgently

I need a PA ...

I have never had need of one and hadn't even really clearly defined what a PA was about ... now I NEED one.

I need someone who can act on my ideas, who is artistic, creative and can cook Spanish or Turkish food on a daily basis, getting into the Spanish habit of nice breakfast, fabulous 2pm lunch, with a little tapas and red wine in the evenings, someone who can pick up on my inefficencies.

Not only that, I need a teacher of either Spanish or Turkish.

So, to bullet point my needs:
-a creative, artistic personal assistant to bring Di's 'ideas' into being
-organised and efficient, managing all paperwork and real world demands placed on Di
-able to cook either Spanish or Turkish cruisine
-fluent and able to teach either Spanish or Turkish to a New Zealander who has generations of mono-lingual ancestors in her genetic make-up

I guess this is all about having an active and successful fantasy life ...


Manic said...

Dear sir/madame,

I'm applying for this job of PA. I never done anything alike ever before, but I'm a fast learner. My strong points are my evil wit, my precious laugh in your face when you drop something and many others. I have no clue how to speak Turkish, but I'm still awaiting my degree of Spanish 102. I do, however, have a Spanish degree 101. I'm a terrible cook but like I said, I'm a quick learner and I can run very fast to the local Spanish restaurant or Turkish snackbar, whatever you would prefer.

I'd be delighted to become a personal assistent of New Zealand, but I'm not acculturating the accent, just to let you now.

You can reach me at

Yours truly,


woman wandering said...

Oops ... you didn't ask about salary.

I was just wishing for a PA but a free one however your letter of application was lovely, although I think you would be a troublesome employee ... amusing but laughing too much at my expense ;)

V-Grrrl said...

I need one too:

Must not only wash clothes, but fold them and put them away and area where I lack consistency.

Must feed children as many times as necessary to get them to stop saying they're hungry.

Must find me a pair of black dress pants that don't make my rear look like an overpacked suitcase.

Must be able to cheerfully deliver mugs of steaming tea to woman parked at her desk

Must mop the miles of floor in this too-big house and figure out WHY the upstairs toilet room always smells

Cat in Rabat said...

Can you get me one of those while you're at it?

woman wandering said...

v-grrl, lol I forgot the housework ... a side effect of constantly trying to forget it, clearly I was successful.

Sure cat ...

Peter said...

Makes me recall a party thrown by one of the "new rich" living not so far away, right on Antwerp's upscale riverbanks.

The penthouse owner needed a personal assistant who spoke Thai fluently.

After having evaluated some unsuited local candidates, he simply called someone at the embassy and had a "PA" flown in from Bangkok within 3 days.

Often, money really talks ;-)

woman wandering said...

Hmmm money ... I guess we come to the root of my problem ;) I have no money to talk with.

Looking round the mess on the desks today though ... I can't help but wish for an organised PA. I've worked on 4 different projects I have going in the last few hours... great work done but where's my 'system' ... so yes, I should go organise myself then.

We never did do that hot wine before Christmas ... maybe 2007 then?

Peter said...

Indeed, I spent way too much time out of Antwerp, although the ice skating village in front of city hall (and its associated gluhwein) was just a couple of minutes away :-)

I'm sure we will catch up later.

woman wandering said...

I imagine we will, Peter.