Tuesday, January 09, 2007

A little of this and a little of that

It's one thing to clean the house from top to bottom, more or less ... it's quite another saying sorry for cleaning the alarm clock into an 'off' position as Gert runs out the door horribly late.

And now for my next trick ... sigh.

I moved furniture, opened doors and windows and cleaned yesterday ... long overdue after so long feeling sorry for my sick little self. Today I'm planning my first jaunt for the city ... a little one.

I've been listening to some nice music lately ... Erin introduced us to Buika, and I discovered Anna Nalik's Breathe and Damhnait Doyle's Another California Song. Mark introduced me to Ani DiFranco and I love her song, 32 Flavors. Toot Thieleman, often plays to me, joining Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong when I need that sound.

Other news, friends are flying in from Istanbul at the end of the month. We've begun planning some little tours for them to give them a taste of the sights to be seen around our neighbourhood.

Excitingly enough, Paris is up there on their list, as is Amsterdam and Germany. We hope to get into the Alsace and spend a couple of nights in an old-fashioned B&B out in the country. Stories and photographs for later for sure.

I've marked in Antwerpen, Brussels, Bruges, Ieper and Ghent for this part of the journey. Let's see how we do as hosts.

Tot ziens.


Manic said...

You switched off the alarm clock? Ay...Poor Gert.

If it wasn't for Toot Thielemans I wouldn't know a single artist on the list :D Am I getting too young here?

Be sure to brush up on your knowledge of the places you'll visit, you don't want the visitors knowing more than you do, now would you? :P

woman wandering said...

Lol, poor Gert indeed. It's okay, I felt terribly guilty.

It's an odd mix of music I guess, sourced from friends in Belgium, New Zealand, Spain and America.

Hmmmm, a timely reminder ... I need to research the church where Ruben's is buried, since I relied completely on your knowledge when we were there.

You can be my advisor for your uni town :)