Friday, January 26, 2007

Albert Normandin, Photographer

Manic found another unusual and delicious photography website and sent word of it.

Albert Normandin's website is fun to wander through and his about can do nothing but make you smile.

Thanks Manic.


Manic said...

Woohoo, I made Di's site twice today. I'm good!

Picture sites are kool, so much easier than reading sites. I'm so lazy.

woman wandering said...

And you blogged about me too :)
I should link to your site as well, eh wot.

Welcome back from the land of exams.

V-Grrrl said...

Di's new "About"

Di Mackey seldom sleeps--except in the afternoon.

She's able to leap tall piles of Belgian paperwork with many small and determined bounds and a boost from Gert.

She lets airport security men sniff her shoes and has been known to "pistol-whip" difficult customs officials with her MIGHTY PASSPORT.

She's been slammed, bammed, and trammed by public transit, but always shows up under the elephant on time.

Her fur is electric--and now all of Antwerp knows about it.

woman wandering said...

v-grrrl, there were huge amounts of laughter over in Antwerpen after I read your new 'about Di' aloud.

Explanations ... writes the blushing Di. I have been known to nap in the afternoon; Belgian paperwork is self-explanatory; my Italian leather boots set off the security alarms in airports around the world, and I believe my New Zealand passport should be proof enough of my virtuous self. I have a history on public transport, sometimes lost, occassionally thrown off when de Lijn can't be bothered going to the end of their route. The elephant, a Brussels landmark, and the electric fur ... well that's all to do with ee cummings and nothing to do with me beyond 'Di, the reader of poems in a public space' ...

My work is done.