Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Tanya and Whispers of Waitaha

I found Tanya's site a while ago and enjoyed reading of her New Zealand ... a voice from home however she isn't only a blogger, she's an artist too.

She recently wrote of a project she's involved in and I wanted to know more after reading her comment ...'as I am publishing the grandmothers children's stories, ancient legends of my ancestors of Waitaha. Their stories date back to the beginning of time, they were a tribe of mixed races that lived together in peace and harmony with each other and their environment. I think that this is a time when these stories are needed - especially for the children as they are the hope of the future.'

She gave me the link into the Whispers of Waitaha site and wandering through it today, it seems delicious.

Who can resist the stories of grandmothers ...

‘Whispers of Waitaha - Traditions of a Nation’ are the words of our Grandmothers, written in this time to spread the message of Peace & Hope.

Ata whakarongo ake e moko,
Ki enei korero o ou matua tupuna,
I haere tawhiti mai ki tata.

Listen carefully moko
to these the words of your parents
and grandparents that have come here from afar.

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