Thursday, January 18, 2007

A stormy day in Antwerpen

There's a storm rattling the windows as I sit here ...

I was out early this morning, re-reading the ee cummings poems for the exhibition on language that opens next week. First time round there was too much background noise on the video.

I arrived at our meeting and felt like the 'wild colonial' due to my windblown, rained-on appearance. Anyway, it was good to see Andy and Mario again, with Andy kindly teaching me to say 'I spit on you' in Antwerp dialect. I thought I might greet Gert with that tonight ... a little fluency from the kiwi.

You know, we have these heavy double-glazed windows in the lounge and the glass is moving far more than glass should move inside aluminium frames.
Happy I'm not.


Manic said...

Stormy weather in Antwerp. Well luckily it's quiet down here. Yep, wind blowing 120 km an hour, not drup of rain, just trees moving gently on the breeze. Leaves gently rush by you while you wander what's the fuss. Yep all's calm here.

P.S. Just in case you were wondering, yes I was being ironic. IT freaking storms here as well, but no drup of rain. Belgian storms, never with rain. They keep that for the sunny days :P

Alison said...

I hear you... Shannon and I are sitting here watching my trees bend sideways and my patio door screen looks like it's going to take flight.

village-idiot said...

rattling windows is still nothing compared to the glass falling down next to your pillow while being on holiday.

woman wandering said...

Hey manic ... how's the exam thing going? Only 120km winds in your part of the world ... so slow.

I'm meant to go out tonight and Gert said we haven't had the peak of the storm yet, that's due between 6 and 10pm.

I can't imagine it worse than it is now.

Alison, I hope you and Shannon didn't get blown away. Stunning winds eh wot.

Oh Deet, the glass didn't fall in .. did it? I thought the window fell out ...mostly lol, okay and in the middle of the night for no discernable reason.

I had forgotten that story ... 'Things that happen to Dutch guests staying at Di's funny little harbourside cottage back in New Zealand'.

Village idiot is entirely unappropriate for you, just btw.

V-Grrrl said...

If you'd put up a sail, you could have gotten a free flight to France!

woman wandering said...

Hi v-grrrl, yesterday I felt like a good chance of getting home via the sail technique. A nicer day today thankfully.