Monday, January 15, 2007

Europe's Shame ...

Der Speigel is running depressing EU news ...

Bulgaria and Romania's accession to the EU has allowed Europe's far-right parties to form a new political group in the European Parliament.

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Peter said...

"Far-right groups in the European Parliament have come together to form a new political group called Identity, Tradition and Sovereignty (ITS). The new group, which is the first far-right faction in the European Parliament in over a decade, was made possible by the accession of Bulgaria and Romania on Jan. 1. Combined, the two countries sent six far-right parliamentarians -- providing the 20 necessary to form a group. Such political groups benefit from increased funding and more power to set the agenda in debating sessions.

The politicians belong to the Greater Romania Party and Bulgaria's National Union Attack."

Another grim reminder that these "new Europeans" in general do not yet share our (West) European liberal values.

In several of these Eastern 'new EU member states' minorities like gays are being prosecuted, their economy is a gigantic mess and they suffer from issues like police brutality/torture and other human rights issues.

Most of these countries have an additional out of proportion number of impoverished citizens, making their statute as "EU member" a rather simplistic attempt to "grab the cash", without being in line with our European values.