Saturday, January 06, 2007

Freedom Writers

A grey day in Belgie and I've been web-wandering ...

The New York Times had an article about an interesting movie.
Searching for more, I came to the source of the movie's inspiration ... the Freedom Writers Foundation .

Their mission statement begins with: The Freedom Writers Foundation s a charitable organization that promotes tolerance in the classroom and empowers teachers and underserved students, specifically economically disadvantaged and “at-risk” youth nationwide.


Anonymous said...

wow your such a great information source Ms Mackey :)

"By fostering an educational philosophy that valued and promoted diversity, she transformed her students' lives."
This is fantastic and its exactly what we need to be teaching in schools all over the world.. thanks for that heads up :)

woman wandering said...

Lol, thanks Ms Ruka. Glad someone found the info useful.