Thursday, January 11, 2007

Canadian Spy Scandal ... just when you thought you had read it all

I was over reading Lisa at Raison D’être and I thought she was teasing when she wrote 'The American government is now targeting Canada for spying - with super secret Canadian spy money no less! (could it get any cooler or more 50’s?) According to Department of Defense reports, the evil Canadian Overlords are planting tiny radio frequency transmitters inside innocent looking Canadian coins, which are then planted on American contractors to track their movements.'

I followed her link into Yahoo news and there it was under the title U.S. warns about Canadian spy coins .


Manic said...

Okay, so Canada bad, France bad, Belgium probably bad as well, Iran super bad, North Korea super bad, China huge and bad,... Is there anyone they do trust? Methinks some people are starting to see things.

Or does April fools come on 11th of January this year?

woman wandering said...

It has to be April Fools Day early ... hmm or perhaps it's a new one 'George Fool Day' ...